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Monitoring drilling latches in real time offers more control

Latch Hawk is a fingerboard monitoring solution that protects your crew and assets from DROPS incidents during drilling. The system provides a direct measurement that confirms fingerboard latch status in real-time. The Latch Hawk software allows the drilling crew to monitor the fingerboard status, eliminating the need for a spotter or camera.

Retrofitted securely with sensors, each latch’s position is translated into data displayed on an efficient dashboard. The fingerboard features steel latches or ‘fingers’ that pneumatically operate to retain stands in the setback area. Any mismatch between the latch command and the actual status poses a potential risk of catastrophic DROPS incidents. With this in mind, Latch Hawk ensures precise monitoring and minimises the potential for mishaps.

Certications given to Latch Hawk equipment, responsible of fingerboard latch monitoring solution

IECEx, ATEX, MET and INMETRO Certified for Zone 2

Easy to install

Fingerboard latch with a Latch Hawk sensor installed, incorporation the monitoring solution

Latch Hawk’s fingerboard sensors are quickly and easily retrofitted onto each latch. Real-time latch status is streamed wirelessly to the drilling control system, monitoring fingerboard latch positions and detecting possible mismatches.

Alert and Interlock

Fingerboard latch monitoring solution interlock dashboard

If a command is sent to open a latch and it does not do so, a real-time alarm is triggered. Optional interlocks can also inhibit racker movement to prevent collisions. Latch Hawk’s fingerboard latch monitoring solution is a field-proven DROPS prevention system.

Optimise with insights

Fingerboard latch monitoring solution dashboard incorporated with Hawk Analytics

Comprehensive data from Latch Hawk can be used for further analytics. The insights provided can help drive the implementation of targeted, predictive maintenance schedules. The fingerboard monitoring solution will prevent potentially severe injuries and costly downtime.

Prevent DROPS incidents with Latch Hawk’s fingerboard latch monitoring system

Historically, drillers relied on spotters to conduct visual latch inspection, a potentially risky practice that was also unable to accurately verify latch status.

Latch performance is also impacted by factors like pipe impact and corrosion. Detecting failing latches visually is challenging, potentially leading to severe injuries and costly downtime as a result of any failure.
Latch Hawk prevents this by predicting failure and offering real-time confirmation, ensuring safety, and avoiding costly incidents thanks to an effective, field-proven fingerboard latch monitoring solution.

Latch Hawk fingerboard latch monitoring solution being easily installed

Latch Hawk employs a network of long-life, retrofit wireless sensors. Its unique, patented locking screw enables rapid installation around operations without any downtime.

Fingerboard latch monitoring solution showcasing the latch status

Latch Hawk sensors confirm real-time latch status, streaming data to a single-board computer for monitoring, offering drillers a live visual display of the fingerboard latch.

Fingerboard latch monitoring solution latency network

The low-latency network automatically transmits individual fingerboard latch status to the control system, enhancing safety and efficiency in drilling and tripping operations.

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Compare and Benchmark

Fingerboard latch monitoring solution Fleet Rig dashboard data
Compare and benchmark fingerboard condition across an entire fleet over customisable timeframes.

Rig Drill Down

Fingerboard latch monitoring solution, latch open-close historian
Drill down into individual rig fingerboard metrics to track performance over time.

Maintenance Dashboard

Fingerboard latch monitoring solution dashboard data
Leverage interactive fingerboard maintenance dashboards to perform any necessary maintenance.

Latch Hawk offers ease of integration and is fully adaptable.

Latch Hawk monitoring solution seamlessly integrates with major drilling control systems, such as Cyberbase, Amphion, and Drillview.

It alerts drillers of unsafe fingerboard latch conditions within the control system HMI and triggers alarms to prevent DROPS incidents.


Fingerboard latch monitoring solution incorporated in Drillview


Fingerboard latch monitoring solution incorporated in Cyberbase


Fingerboard latch monitoring solution incorporated in Amphion
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A world connecting though a digital cloud and delivering into IIoT.

Unified IIoT platform

Salunda’s patented Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solution is embodied in The Hawk Platform.

Utilizing this proprietary, low-latency network across the globe, Salunda’s suite of monitoring solutions, along with third-party devices, leverages advanced technology for enhanced connectivity and efficiency.

Two men standing close a hazardous environment. The Red Zone monitoring solution is digitally fencing the dangerous area.

Red zone monitoring

Through the use of a wearable device, Crew Hawk actively tracks the location of personnel, ensuring precise, anonymised monitoring. It promptly issues alerts to both the wearer and the control station upon breaches in designated zones.

Man being monitored by a camera in a hazardous area.

Detect unauthorised personnel

Used in conjunction with Crew Hawk’s wearable devices, HaloGuard also uses ranging cameras to detect personnel in restricted zones and hazardous areas.

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