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Locate, Alert, and Protect

Crew Hawk redefines red zone management, by monitoring hazardous working environments in real-time. This comprehensive hardware and software solution actively tracks individuals and equipment in real-time, configuring exclusion zones around hazardous areas and energized machinery. Whenever an individual breaches these zones, their wearable Personal Locator immediately triggers an alarm, both on the device and at the control station. This seamless monitoring system adds an extra layer of security, ensuring swift responses to potential risks.

Certications given to Crew Hawk equipment, responsible of Red Zone monitoring solution

IECEx and ATEX Certified for Zone 1


Representation of the Red Zone monitoring solution fencing a hazardous area.

Sensors actively track the real-time location of people, equipment, and assets with a 30 cm accuracy, thereby eliminating the need for a direct line of sight.


Personnel locator demonstrating red zone monitoring with visual and auditory alerts for the user.

When an individual enters an exclusion or red zone, Crew Hawk promptly triggers an alarm, sending notifications to both the individual’s Personal Locator and the area authority. Notably, Crew Hawk directly delivers a personal alarm to workers in the line of fire. As a result, personnel receive a warning indicating they have breached a marked zone.


Data collected by Crew Hawk sensons as part of the Red Zone monitoring solution. Displayed on the CH Analytics system.

Streaming data from the sensors to Crew Hawk Analytics, the system actively utilizes it to enhance safety and operational efficiency, ultimately lowering the number of incidents and reducing downtime. This optimal red zone monitoring solution integrates safety seamlessly into the analysis.

The technology behind the Red Zone monitoring solution

Crew Hawk empowers users to set up perimeters or geo-fences in the working environment. Users can configure a static geo-fence or red zone around areas that pose the greatest risk to an individual. As soon as someone breaches this area, their Personal Locator will immediately trigger an alarm. Simultaneously, the area authority will receive an alert specifying which role is causing the breach.

For dynamic situations, a geo-fence can be configured around energized equipment or machinery. This zone moves in tandem with the equipment, and individuals receive alerts if they enter these zones.

Optionally, users can integrate Crew Hawk with drilling controls to pause or stop moving equipment, ensuring the protection of workers in the line of fire. This is how Crew Hawk redefined the red zone monitoring solution. 

IIoT network

Red Zone monitoring solution triangulates personnel locator in a hazardous area.

Wireless gateways strategically positioned around the perimeter of a work area triangulate the position of each individual’s Personal Locator. This ensures an accurate, real-time view of the work area and the movements of individuals within it.

Red Zone Digital twin

Representation of the Red Zone monitoring solution fencing a hazardous area.

A digital twin, which is the real-time digital representation of the work area, allows the area authority to directly view it, thereby enhancing situational awareness and ensuring the safety of the crew.

E-stop functionality

Red Zone monitoring solution has E-stop functionality system on dynamic zones.

Crew Hawk identifies the moment equipment becomes energized and promptly initiates a dynamic red zone around it. Should an individual breach this zone, the equipment automatically pauses, preventing potential collisions.

NOV Control System Integration — Red Zone monitoring solution

Crew Hawk seamlessly integrates with NOV’s control and alarm system, ensuring that the operator receives prompt notifications of breaches and enhancing awareness of activities in the work area. Additionally, the system integrates with ACS (Cyberbase) and ZMS (Amphion) to halt and prevent machines from moving if personnel are inside red zone areas. As a result, Crew Hawk stands out as NOV’s preferred red zone management system and red zone monitoring solution.

Cyberbase chair on drilling rig, displaying Red Zone monitoring solution on screen.
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Track performance

Crew Hawk Analytics screen as part of the Red Zone monitoring solution.

Performance dashboards offer an overview of operational and safety statistics. Additionally, customizable timeframes unveil individual locations and zone violations within a particular period.

Playback feature

As part of the Red Zone monitoring solution, there is a playback showcasing the crew movement on the area.

For a more in-depth investigation of zone violations or incidents in a work area, the playback feature enables users to observe the movement of individuals leading up to and following a zone breach or incident.

Work area heatmaps

As part of the Red Zone monitoring solution, there is a heatmap showcasing the crew movement on the area.

Heatmaps of the work area showcase the locations of individuals during an operation. This information can then be used to further optimise operating procedures, people placement, and area layout.

“The real-time audible alerts triggered upon zone breaches minimize the time our people spend in the red zone to the lowest practical level, and the comprehensive analytics allow us to measure procedural adherence and human factors for the first time.”
Daan Maltha
Operations Manager
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A world connecting though a digital cloud and delivering into IIoT.

Unified IIoT platform

Salunda’s patented Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solution is embodied in The Hawk Platform.

Utilizing this proprietary, low-latency network across the globe, Salunda’s suite of monitoring solutions, along with third-party devices, leverages advanced technology for enhanced connectivity and efficiency.

Fingerboard latches monitoring solution

Fingerboard latch monitoring

Latch Hawk actively monitors the real-time status of fingerboards and safety-critical equipment, eliminating the necessity for a spotter or camera.

Man being monitored by a camera in a hazardous area.

Detect unauthorised personnel

Utilised in conjunction with Crew Hawk’s wearable devices, HaloGuard also utilises ranging cameras to detect personnel in restricted zones and hazardous areas.

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