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Salunda’s Hawk Platform presents a comprehensive hardware and software stack, specifically designed to elevate safety and condition monitoring for operators and service companies providing provide a comprehensive real-time view of the working environment. Specializing in the drilling sector, Latch Hawk monitors fingerboard latch status on drilling rigs. In contrast, Crew Hawk and HaloGuard find application in dynamic, harsh environments prioritizing the safety of both personnel and equipment. The versatility of Salunda’s offerings positions them as essential tools across various sectors. With Latch Hawk focusing on drilling rig specifics, Crew Hawk and HaloGuard extend their impact to diverse demanding environments, ensuring a paramount commitment to safety and condition monitoring.

Streaming data from sensors and ranging cameras occurs seamlessly through a low-latency IIoT network, reaching the edge for prompt processing. This automated process triggers safety and maintenance alerts. Subsequently, the platform securely transfers data to the Cloud, facilitating utilization in Salunda’s web-based analytics platform. Additionally, users can opt for API integration for third-party analytics and maintenance dashboards.

Two men standing close a hazardous environment. The Red Zone monitoring solution is digitally fencing the dangerous area.

Red zone monitoring

Crew Hawk tracks personnel location through a wearable device, providing accurate real-time red zone monitoring. It sends alerts to both the individual’s Personal Locator and the area authority when zones are breached.

Fingerboard latches monitoring solution

Fingerboard latch monitoring

Latch Hawk actively monitors the real-time status of fingerboards and safety-critical equipment, eliminating the necessity for a spotter or camera.

Man being monitored by a camera in a hazardous area.

Detect unauthorised personnel

Utilised in conjunction with Crew Hawk’s wearable devices, HaloGuard also utilises ranging cameras to detect personnel in restricted zones and hazardous areas.

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