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The Hawk platform offers a comprehensive hardware and software solution. Sensors, wearables and ranging cameras provide a comprehensive real-time view of the working environment. Data from these sensors and ranging cameras is streamed directly via a low latency IIoT network to the edge for processing. Safety and maintenance alerts are then triggered automatically. The platform also securely transfers data to the Cloud where it is utilised in Salunda’s web-based analytics platform with optional API integration for third-party analytics and maintenance dashboards.

Industrial internet of things.

Hawk IIoT Network

The Hawk platform provides reliable, low latency and non-line-of-sight communication. The bidirectional IIoT network both collects data and serves to control Salunda’s array of wireless sensors, ranging cameras and third-party devices. The proprietary zone-rated network supports full radio silence mode and is suitable for deployment in dynamic, cluttered and harsh environments.

Cloud upload data

Data Transmission

The Hawk platform aggregates operational, safety and system diagnostic data and securely transfers it to the cloud via low-bandwidth connections. This ensures that any critical information from the working environment is readily accessible. This enables timely decision making and helps drive operational efficiency.

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Hawk Web API

Safety, performance and maintenance data can be integrated from the Hawk Platform into an organisation’s existing in-house data analytics and maintenance dashboards using a secure web API. This integration enhances maintenance planning, identifies performance bottlenecks and improves overall asset management.

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Data-driven insights

The web-based Hawk Analytics platform enables users to investigate and scrutinise operational and safety data. Intuitive, customisable performance dashboards allow data to be quickly compared and benchmarked across all assets. These data-driven insights empower organisations to make safety and operational improvements. Hawk Analytics permits management to establish the facts during incident investigations.

The Hawk Platform. Trusted Globally.

The Hawk Platform is currently deployed on over 100 industrial assets globally. It is a trusted solution utilised across industries including oilfield super majors, drilling contractors, service companies and equipment manufacturers.

Two men standing close a hazardous environment. The Red Zone monitoring solution is digitally fencing the dangerous area.

Red zone monitoring

Crew Hawk tracks the location of personnel through a wearable device to provide accurate, real-time monitoring and sends alerts when zones are breached.

Fingerboard latches monitoring solution

Fingerboard latch monitoring

Latch Hawk monitors the status of fingerboards and safety critical equipment in real-time eliminating the need for a spotter or camera.

Man being monitored by a camera in a hazardous area.

Detect unauthorised personnel

Used in combination with Crew Hawk’s wearable devices, HaloGuard additionally employs ranging cameras to detect personnel in restricted zones and hazardous areas.

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