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Founded in 2013, Salunda is established as market leader in the real-time monitoring of people and assets in harsh, dynamic environments. Our proprietary Hawk Platform consists of massive arrays of IIoT products that are used by our customers within the global energy, manufacturing and transportation industries including leading oil field operators, contractors, service companies and equipment manufacturers. Uniquely offering a complete hardware and software solution our products are wireless, retrofittable, battery-powered and IECEx zone certified for use in harsh environments.

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Customer Led

Our team invests significant time in consulting with clients to understand their challenges. We then work closely with them to deliver solutions that drive value in their operations.

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At Salunda, we focus on achieving the highest customer satisfaction. Our globally based teams can provide 24/7 support and are able to rapidly mobilise to customers sites. We operate online monitoring centres that analyse digital twins for predictive maintenance, enhanced safety and operational excellence.

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Our diverse team are specialists in their particular fields. Working together we collaborate to deliver innovative and robust digital monitoring solutions at scale.

Global patent portfolio

Salunda invests heavily in intellectual property and owns a portfolio of over 100 patents and exclusive licenses.

Pending - 26
Granted - 99
Total - 125

Innovate. Collaborate. Deliver.

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R&D & Test Facilities

Full in-house R&D facilities enable us to iterate and test designs quickly. By thoroughly assessing the robustness and viability of our products we can ensure their suitability for use in harsh environments.

In-house production technology

In-house production

The use of in-house production facilities ensures we achieve the highest product quality throughout the manufacturing process. This capability renders us resilient to supply chain bottlenecks.

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Tools to succeed

To enable our team to work to the best of their ability we equip them with the right tools, including the latest workstations, design tools and modelling software. Our team receives training in the latest technologies, and training in offshore operational excellence and safety.

Salunda is backed by leading UK technology investors to bring our digital solutions to the world.

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Red zone monitoring

Crew Hawk tracks the location of personnel through a wearable device to provide accurate, real-time monitoring and sends alerts when zones are breached.

Fingerboard latches monitoring solution

Fingerboard latch monitoring

Latch Hawk monitors the status of fingerboards and safety critical equipment in real-time eliminating the need for a spotter or camera.

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Detect unauthorised personnel

Used in combination with Crew Hawk’s wearable devices, HaloGuard additionally employs ranging cameras to detect personnel in restricted zones and hazardous areas.

Technology Fast Award 2021
Finalist 2022 badge award from the spectator
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